Which cruises offer the most authentic experiences of medieval British feasts?

11 June 2024

Imagine setting sail on the open ocean, your next destination filled with captivating medieval histories and tantalising British feasts. This is the unique opportunity that awaits you when you embark on a cruise with a focus on authentic medieval British experiences. Not all cruises are created equal. By using the right methods to find the perfect cruise, the waves can carry you into a world of historical immersion and gastronomic delight.

This article will delve into the best cruises that offer authentic medieval British feasts, the top cities to explore, and the enchanting experiences you can enjoy on these journeys. Prepare to discover the heart of medieval Britain, savour traditional feasts and create lasting memories on your cruise adventure.

The Magic of Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises provides a captivating exploration of the British Isles, where the medieval past comes alive through immersive excursions. The voyages offer a rich tapestry of history, culture and traditional British cuisine, transporting you back to a time of knights, castles and royal banquets.

To truly experience the medieval atmosphere, Princess Cruises offers a day in the city of York. You will explore the ancient York Minster and walk on the centuries-old city walls. The highlight of the excursion is a medieval banquet at Barley Hall, where you will indulge in traditional medieval dishes while enjoying period entertainment.

Discover the Mediterranean with Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises is renowned for its unique approach towards cultural immersion. Their Mediterranean odyssey takes passengers on a journey through the ages, with ports of call that echo with Byzantine, Roman and medieval history.

The British presence in the Mediterranean is palpable in Gibraltar, a strategic fortress and naval base since the 18th century. Here you'll find a unique blend of British and Mediterranean influences. The tour includes a feast at the Rock Hotel, where the menu is inspired by traditional British fare with a Mediterranean touch.

Another stop on the itinerary is Valletta, Malta - a city rich in history and culture. During your day in Valletta, Viking Cruises organises a medieval banquet in the Grandmaster’s Palace. You'll dine on authentic Maltese cuisine, which has British influences dating back to the time of the Knights Hospitaller.

Take a Journey Back in Time with Cunard

Cunard's British Isles cruises offer an unrivalled sense of grandeur and history. From the historic city of Edinburgh to the lush landscapes of the Isle of Skye, the ship's itinerary immerses you in the heart of medieval Britain.

While docked in Liverpool, you can partake in a feast at Speke Hall, a Tudor-era manor house. You'll enjoy a traditional Tudor banquet, complete with live period music and entertainment.

Another highlight of Cunard's British Isles cruise is the day spent in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Here, you can visit the medieval castle of Carrickfergus and indulge in a traditional Irish banquet. You'll taste Irish stew, soda bread, and other regional specialties that reflect the culinary history of the British Isles.

Explore the Adriatic with Azamara

Although not traditionally associated with medieval Britain, Azamara's Adriatic cruises provide a unique perspective on the Venetian and Ottoman influences in British history.

While docked in Split, Croatia, you can enjoy an excursion to Klis Fortress, an impressive medieval stronghold with sweeping views of the city and the sea. After the tour, you'll be treated to a traditional Croatian feast, which includes dishes that have been influenced over the centuries by Venetian and Ottoman tastes, and by extension, British culinary traditions.

Similarly, during your day in Corfu, Greece, you can explore the island's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with British architectural influences. After your tour, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Greek banquet, featuring dishes that bear the marks of Venetian, Ottoman and British influences.

The Royal Caribbean Experience

Royal Caribbean's British Isles cruises offer the perfect blend of modern luxury and historical exploration. The cruise line's focus on unique and immersive experiences ensures that passengers get the most out of their journey.

The ship docks in the city of Dover, where you can explore Dover Castle, a medieval fortress that has played a crucial role in British history. After your tour, you will enjoy a traditional British feast, complete with favourite dishes such as shepherd's pie and spotted dick.

Another highlight is the day spent in Dublin, where you can tour the medieval Dublin Castle and enjoy a traditional Irish feast. The menu features dishes such as Irish stew and soda bread, giving you a taste of Ireland's rich culinary heritage.

Cruising provides an exciting avenue to experience the world, and these cruises will take you on a gastronomic journey through medieval Britain. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or just looking for a unique adventure, these cruises offer experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime. Get ready to discover and explore medieval Britain and feast like royalty on your next cruise adventure.

MSC Cruises: Engage in British History and Cuisine

MSC Cruises is a popular choice for those seeking an authentic British experience. Their Mediterranean itinerary, featuring stops at UNESCO heritage sites, boasts an array of shore excursions that allow you to step back in time to the medieval era.

A full day in the British territory of Gibraltar gives you a chance to delve into its rich history, with opportunities to explore the Great Siege Tunnels and the Moorish Castle. The highlight of the day is a medieval feast, where you can enjoy a range of British and Mediterranean dishes, paying homage to the region's unique mix of cultures.

Your MSC cruise also docks in Valletta, Malta, where a walking tour of the city unveils a wealth of historic landmarks. You'll explore the fortified city walls, St. John's Co-Cathedral, and the Grand Harbour, before indulging in a feast that marries the flavours of British and Maltese cuisine.

Another notable stop is the Greek island of Corfu, where British influences are evident in the architecture and culinary customs. A day cruise to the UNESCO-listed Old Town allows you to marvel at the Venetian-style buildings and forts. Here, you can savour a Greek feast, featuring dishes that reflect Corfu's history as a melting pot of cultures, including British.

Engaging Expert Talks on the Dalmatian Coast with Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises is known for its vibrant itineraries that provide a deep dive into the history and culture of the destinations visited. Their Mediterranean cruises, with stops along the Dalmatian coast, offer unique opportunities to understand the British influence in this region.

In Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you'll be treated to a walking tour of the Old Town. You'll stroll along the walls of this ancient city, walking through history as you learn about the Venetian, Ottoman, and British influences that shaped its architecture. Following the tour, a medieval banquet awaits, where you can taste traditional Croatian dishes with twists from the British culinary scene.

Similarly, a stop in Kotor, Montenegro, a beautifully preserved medieval town, allows you to immerse yourself in the region's history. A full day of exploring includes a medieval feast, where you'll savour local dishes that meld Mediterranean flavours with British culinary traditions.


Cruising provides an unmatched opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich medieval history and gastronomic delights of the British Isles and beyond. Whether it's a Mediterranean cruise with MSC Cruises, a journey into the heart of the Dalmatian coast with Oceania Cruises, or a trip around the British Isles with Princess Cruises, Viking Cruises, Cunard, Azamara, or Royal Caribbean, you're in for an unforgettable adventure. Each cruise line offers a unique perspective, with their own flavour of shore excursions, walking tours, and, of course, the all-important medieval feasts. Cruise lines like these take you beyond being a mere tourist, by offering engaging activities that bring history to life. So set sail on your next captivating voyage, and prepare to discover, explore, and delight in the authentic medieval British experiences that await you on these cruises.

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