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Where do you like to have your catamaran sailing vacation - Tahiti, Bora Bora, the Tonga islands or Fiji?

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In 2005 Neverland will sail from the Caribbean to the Pacific to stay for 1 1/2 years in the Pacific. Neverland will stay at the best cruising locations like the Grenadines, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tonga for several weeks so that you can book her for your catamaran sailing vacations. You can charter her at these locations, but also for high sea cruising between the destinations. A more detailed itinerary for available catamaran sailing vacations on Neverland you will find in the table below with the corresponding times and prices.

NEVERLAND sailing vacations 2005/2006 in the Pacific

9.7. - 8.9. French Polynesia

Start: Papeete
Enjoy the dream islands of the South Sea like Bora Bora, Huahine, Tahiti, Raiatea. Swimming, diving or snorkeling in the turquoise lagoons and enjoy polynesian life.

Price: 6000 week for the yacht with crew
4 weeks
4 weeks

11.9-7.10 Tahiti-Cook-Tonga

End: Nukualofa
On this 4 weeks cruise we sail along the French Polynesian islands (Bora Bora, Huahine, Moorea) to the Cook islands, to Niue and finally to the kingdom of Tonga. High sea sailing combined with island hopping.

Price: 20 000 for 4 weeks for ship and crew
4 weeks

8.10-11.11 Islands of Tonga

Wonderful sailing between the countless islands of the kingdom Tonga. Remote beaches and bays, huge corall reefs, snorkeling and diving in turquoise waters and enjoy traditional Polynesian lifestile.

Price: 6000 week for ship and crew
1. week
2. week
3. week
4. week
5. week

12.11- 9.12 Tonga-New Zealand

One week sailing between the lovely islands of Tonga and then a 1000 miles high sea cruising to New Zealand where we will sail for another week along the North coast of the North island.

Price: 2500 per person for the 4 weeks
4 places

17.12.- 6.1. 2006 New Zealand

start: Whangarei
Discover New Zealand on board of Catamaran Neverland. 3 weeks cruise during christmas and new year.We design an individual sailing vacation with land excursions for you.

Price: 19 000 for 3 weeks for the ship with crew
3 weeks

7.1-24.3 2006 New Zealand

We will stay for 10 weeks at the coast of New Zealand. Discover this wonderful country from the Sea. We go with catamaran Neverland up the rivers to the villages and we sail to remote islands and bays for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Price: 6 000/ week for the ship with crew
9 weeks

24.3-21.4 2006 New Zealand-Fiji

Start: Whangarei
The first days we will sail along the coast of New Zealand before we are going to sail the 1 000 miles long high sea distance to the Fiji islands. The remaining time we sail between the coral atolls of the Fiji islands. A sailing cruise only for high sea sailing enthusiasts. Bookings from single persons are welcome

Price: 2 500 per person for the 4 weeks
4 places

21.4-8.7 2006 Fiji Islands

Start: Near airport Nadi
End: Near airport Nadi
South Sea romantic pur. We sail between the corall islands of Fiji. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, South Sea romantic and traditional Polynesian life stile with catamaran Neverland.

Price: 6 000 per week for the ship with crew
12 weeks

8.7-22.7 2006 Fiji - Vanuata

Start: Near Nadi airport, Fiji
End: Port Vila, Vanuata
2 weeks sailing trip and 800 miles from Fiji to the islands of Vanuata. 9 days island hopping in Fiji and Vanuata and a 4 days and night sailing tour. Vanuata is a contry of contrast, you will find unchanging traditional villages and the rich Melanesian culture.

Price: Price: 12 000 for ship and crew for the 2 weeks cruise
2 weeks

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