Sailing yacht charters Neverland

Sail Boat Charters FAQ

Sail boat charters is quite different from resort holidays and guests ask in their emails about sailing yacht charters, like "can I charter the yacht without a captain because I have all the licenses to sail a yacht" or others ask about what they need to bring with them for their sail boat charters. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions on sailing yacht charters


Q. Can I charter Neverland on a bareboat charter (without captain) or on single bed charter basis?

A. No, Neverland can only be chartered complete and with a captain. We do not offer bare boat sailing yacht charters. But we offer one or two times a year single bed sail boat charters and when we do skipper training.



Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. For sailing yacht charters you bring just your clothes, shoes and whatever you normally take with you when you go on vacation. Sail boat charters is casual and we sail in warm regions. Bed linens and towels are on board. Don't forget your extra shoes with light colored sole for wearing on the boat.



Q. Is such a fast cat as Neverland suitable for a family sailing yacht charters with kids?

A: It is ideal for a family. You have ample space and lots of privacy in separate cabins and you know your kids are safe and near to you. And the cat always sails without heeling over.



Q. We are 2 families and each has 2 kids. Do we have enough room?

A: Look under Cabins there is a floor plan. We have 5 cabins for guests. Do your planning and if you have questions, e-mail us.



Q. Who is doing the route planning in sailing yacht charters?

A. Come with your ideas and wishes. The Captain will consider whatever he can unless it doesn't fit into the time frame or unless it is not safe for crew and boat.



Q. I have to call my office daily. How can I communicate on board?

A. If we sail close to the shore (about 10 miles), your mobile phone will work fine. If you have to get or send e-mail, you may use the system on the boat. We have also satellite telephone and we will only charge you only for the telephone costs.



Q. Do I have to pay gratuity to the captain?

A. No, he does not expect that. But it is your free will to do so.



Q. How do we get provisions (food and drinks)?

A: Food and drinks are not included in the charter fee. You and the captain will arrange what to buy, if you have dinner on board or if you go ashore for dining. If you have a clear view on that, tell the captain, he will arrange it for you.



Q. Can I participate in the duties and daily work of handling the catamaran or is it even expected that I help?

A. Yes, it is expected. You are a member of the crew and you handle the cat together with the captain. If you prefer to relax more instead, it is also fine with us.



Q. How can I contact you if I want to know more about your sailing yacht charters?

A. E-mail us or fax us or fill out the form (see under Contact Us)