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2005/06 yacht charters Neverland in the Pacific
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Marquesas, Tuamotu Islands, Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji
Luxury Yacht Charter in the South Sea. Catamaran charters at exotic destinations.

Luxury Yacht and Catamaran Charters 

Are you looking to charter a luxury yacht or catamaran to see the beautiful sights of Dubai? If so, there is only one place in the region that you should trust to show your friends and family the time of their lives: Yacht Charter Neverland. We offer the highest level of luxury and comfort, no matter what charter fits your event best, including:

Luxury yacht charters with a separate private cabins, comfortable accommodations, and delicious cuisine.

Crewed luxury yacht rentals with an experienced captain and attentive staff.

Catamaran charters with exciting sailing destinations.

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a watercraft featuring two parallel hulls of equal size that are connected by crossbeams. A traditional sailboat has one hull and less room than a catamaran, which provide maximum comfort and plenty of living space. Catamarans have exceptional stability while anchored and remain flat while sailing. The sailing experience on a catamaran is faster and smoother than a mono-hull sailboat, making catamarans the perfect choice for first-time yacht charterers and those chartering with friends and family. The 20m Catamaran Neverland boat rental we offer is a first-class private charter sailing yacht that’s sure to please you and your friends and family.

What is the difference between a bareboat charter and crewed yacht charter?

Neverland offers charters with an experienced captain. Our highly skilled yacht captains have a great love of sailing. They take great pride in giving clients the best boat rental experience of their lives. The captain will guide you every step of way, including planning your itinerary, preparing your land excursions, and showing the best spots for snorkeling and swimming in crystal-clear waters. With bareboat charters, no captain or crew is provided. You are left to take care of anything. Therefore, the Neverland crewed yacht charter is far more convenient. Kick back, relax, and let our captain and crew be your guide. 

Fully Crewed Yacht Charter Starting at €4,500 

The Catamaran Neverland, an exclusive private sailing yacht that makes for a luxurious sailing vacation complete with a captain and crew, starts at only €4,500 per week. Prices vary depending on the season. Catamaran charters lasting longer than four weeks can be arraigned as well. 

Have the time of your life with your friends and family. Charter Catamaran Neverland can hold up to eight guests with its five cabins. You’ll feel like the owner of the ship as the captain will consider all your wishes, time and safety permitting. The attentive and courteous crew will serve you delicious meals and refreshing drinks during your yacht charter. 

Let us know all your preferences so that we can prepare the best catamaran charter for you.

Neverland is available for full catamaran charters in the Pacific Ocean. We can take you to exotic and scenic destinations like Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cook Islands, Tong, and the Fiji Islands.

Ladies Only Yacht Charters Starting at €600 

If you are a lady interested in sailing with a group of women, we offer relaxing ladies-only sailing vacations. These yacht rentals are limited to only six participants so you can have more privacy with your close female friends and family. You can relax as you sunbathe on the Neverland’s massive deck, discover exotic islands, snorkel and swim in the beautiful clear water, and even improve your sailing and navigation skills. Ladies-only sailing vacations offers a wide range options, and they’re affordable at only €600 per week.

Single Person Yacht Charters Starting at €500

We now offer single person sailboat charters for some destinations and cruises a few weeks out of the year. If you want to sail alone or with a group of other sailing enthusiasts, we offer affordable single-person sail boat charters.

Skipper Training for Catamarans Starting €600 

Learn professional handling of a yacht and fine seamanship with skipper training on the Neverland. To qualify for this program, you should have prior sailing experience and a boating license. You will share this charter with a group of skippers, and you will get the opportunity to be skipper on the Neverland for a day. You will learn how to manage a yacht and learn all the finer points of handling of a catamaran, such as:

Mooring and anchoring techniques for catamarans

Various techniques specific to catamarans

Navigation and sailing at night

Sea safety and emergency training

Maneuvering with a motor and with sails

Repairs and maintenance of a yacht

Catamaran navigation in tidal waters

Prices starting at only €600 

We offer skipper training on the Neverland 1-2 times per year. We are accepting reservations for the next skipper training program. 

See “Catamaran Sailing Vacations Times and Prices” to see the times and a brief description of all our yacht charters and yacht rentals.

Honeymoon Yacht Charters All-Inclusive €7200

While we do not offer weddings on our yacht charters, we do have a special program for couples who have just married. Enjoy your honeymoon on the Neverland! They will pamper you and your spouse and ensure your honeymoon yacht rental is the best it can be. Before you depart, the captain will help you plan your honeymoon itinerary and prepare for the land excursions. Our courteous crew will serve you amazing food and drinks.

Newlyweds get the spacious owner’s cabin with its stunning panoramic view, comfortable bed, and plush leather seats. The cabin has its own entrance, so you will have plenty of privacy. Feel free to bring two other couples to share your honeymoon cruise with you. We have wonderful honeymoon cruise destinations available, including Tonga, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji, the Cook Islands.

All meals and drinks on board are included, including a delicious breakfast, an 11 a.m. snack, lunch, and a full course dinner with wine. Simply tell us what you like, and our crew will prepare the most wonderful week of your life. The trip is all-inclusive, meaning meals, drinks, harbor fees, fuel, and crew are all included in the total price. We can offer these vacations for as low as €7,200 per week. 

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