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To keep a sailing yacht logbook is a must for a seagoing vessel. The captain or one of the crew has to write a ships diary with information about weather and wind situation, the position of the yacht, the steering courses, which sails where carried, about the maintenance work and about all incidences that had happened aboard. For such a sailing yacht logbook we use 2 pages per day on Neverland. That means in a year we have written a real sailing yacht compendium. On this homepage we give a shortened sailing yacht logbook that you get a rough impression of what happened aboard.

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date weather miles position, comments
24.4. - 15.5. 2005 Changable weather from Tradwind between 4 and 6 Beaufort and 3 times absolute calm of 2 days each, and in between light winds from the East 3212 21 days for the 3200 miles from the Galapagos Islands to the Marquesas, 5 days more than planed. But we had plenty of food and had wonderful meals up to the last day. The tradewinds had left us for long periods and only on 5 days we had really good tradewind from 5 to 6 Beaufort. And just when we had a period of wonderful sailing between 13 and 15 knots our 285 mē Parasailor teared to pices. We caught 2 mahimahis and 2 ahitunas. Crew and ship arrived safe and sound at Ua Pou. Neverland will stay the next 4 weeks between the islands of the Marquesas archipelago and will sail then via the Tuamotos to Tahiti.
14.4. - 20.4. 2005 first 2 days North to Northeast 2 to 4
than 2 days Southwest 3 to 4
last 2 days South 2 - 4
944 On our tour from Panama to the Galapagos islands we sailed long distances windward and had some nasty swell. In total we needed for the 944 miles nearly 6 days, highest etmal was 163 miles and the average speed 6,6 knots. And we had to use the engines for some distances. No incedences. On April 20 we had our crossing-the-line ceremony in the early morning and at 3.30 pm we were at anchor in the wreck bay at the island of San Cristobal.

Galapagos Islands
11.04. - 14.04. 2005 light wind 41 Panama
We moored at the Panama Chanel Yacht Club and did not anchor because it is easier to organize everything with the agency and to do the last provisionings and maintenance from land and not from an anchor place. Thanks to good preparation and our competent agent we had only 2 1/2 days to wait, which we used for maintenance work and provisioning. Fee for chanal 1200 $, for the agent 600 $ and several tips. On 14. 4. we had our chanal crossing. From 5 a.m on standby on the position we were told, 7.30 pilote on board, 9.30 a.m the Gabun look and 11.30 a.m we were in the chanal. We used the Banana Cut which is a short cut between lakes and dschungel. 5.45 pm we passed the last lock on the Pacific side and 6.15 the pilot left us. Without any further stop we set course on the Galapagos Islands
5.4. - 11. 04. 2005 Tradewinds East to Northeast between 3 and 7 Beaufort 1218 We sailed the 1200 miles from Martinique to Panama in 5 days and 20 hours, most of the time under Parasailor (285mē) or gennaker (140mē).
Highest etmal 241 miles and average speed 8,7 knots. Desite the high speed we had a relaxed tour without any difficulties.
1.3.-13.5.05 Tradewinds NE to SE with 2 - 5 Beaufort 300 Trinidad - Grenada - Grenadines - Grenada
Wir visited 8 islands on 10 sailing days and anchored in 11 different bays. Highlights were - 2 days snorkeling in the Tobago Cays - Dschungelhiking in Trinidad where we could observe a group of apes in real nature - South state atmospere on Mustique in the Cotton club - lokal Calipso band and a barbequed goat - and many Caribbean bars where we tried some new cocktails.
14.2.-26.2. Tradewinds NE to SE between 2 and 6 Beaufort 420 Trinidad - Grenada - Grenadines - Tobago - Trinidad
We visited 7 islands on 10 sailing days and anchored on 8 places.
30.1.-11.2. Tradewinds NE - SE between 1 and 5 380 Grenada - Grenadines - Trinidad - Grenada
We sailed 9 days and anchored in 9 different bays. Highlights were the 2 days stay for carneval in Trinidad and a 2 days anchoring in the Tobago Cays with a lot of snorkeling.
2004 Dec 12. - Jan 9. 2005 NE Tradewind 430 Neverland is sailing with guests in the South Part of the Caribbean with the islands of Martinique, Dominica, Guadeoupe, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
2004 - Nov 26 - 11.12. NE Tradewinds with some calms 2100 Neverland crossed the Atlantic from the Capo Verde Islands to Martinique. It was a wonderful cruise despite the light winds. Instead of planned 11 days we needed 14 days to cross the ocean. Crew and guests had a good time on board. They caught a wahoo and two mahi mahi at the ocean.
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