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Neverland Catamaran Charter - pictures gallery

Catamaran Neverland in September 2000 moored on the boat yard in the Netherlands. She is ready to sail away for her first ocean crossing. With 2 feet of draft the yacht can enter even very shallow water.
Catamaran Neverland on her way to the North Sea.
Catamaran Neverland sailing on the coast of the North Sea. 210m˛ of sail gives her the power.
Catamaran Neverland – steering position and central winches.

Catamaran Neverland anchoring in St. Martin (Caribbean), under the awning in the huge cockpit.
Catamaran Neverlands main cabin with panoramic view, round table for 10, fully equipped chart table and access to the kitchen.
Catamaran Neverlands kitchen was designed by a professional.
Catamaran Neverland – in the main cabin on the dining table with 8 people.

Catamaran Neverlands masters cabin with panoramic view, 1,80m wide bed, writing desk, bench and access to the children’s room.
Catamaran Neverland – one of the two double cabins with 1,40 m wide bed and own entrance to the cockpit.
Catamaran Neverland in Nelsons Dockyard on Antigua (Caribbean).
Catamaran Neverland arrives on the Bermudas after a 4 days cruise form the Virgin Islands.

Catamaran Neverland – high and dry in tidal waters in a bay of Isla de Culatra in South Portugal.
Catamaran Neverland – writing desk in the masters cabin.
Catamaran Neverland anchoring in a secluded bay in the Caribbean. With 2 feet of draft the yacht can enter even very shallow water.
Catamaran Neverland leaving Spiekeroog (Wadden Sea) for a cruise in the German Bay.

Catamaran Neverland sailing under her 300 m2 Parasailor-Spi.
Catamaran NEVERLAND beaching on Corsica.
Central winches (middle one is electrical) with stoppers for an easy and safe handling
Neverland shortly before drying out in the Dutch Waddensea

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