Catamaran Specifications

Neverlands Specifications
designed by naval architect Phil Morrison,
built by boat yard Dubois in 2000
Length 20 m ( 65 feet )
Beam 9,60 m ( 32 feet )
Bridge deck
1,10 m
Weight 15 to
Draft, dragger-
bords up
0,80 m
Draft, dragger-
bords down
2,00 m
Mast length 25 m
Sailing area
210 m²
Sailing area
430 m²
Engines 2 x 40 HP Yanmar
Construction foam, fiberglass,
Certificate CE class A worldwide

Neverland was built by Dubois who has over 25 years of experience in building and sailing fast catamarans. Neverland was launched in late summer 2000 and was refitted in 2004 when she got some extra technical equipment. She is certified for worldwide yacht charters with up to 10 persons. But how many people you should have aboard also depends on the group itself. Having 7 separate cabins in this private yacht charters however, gives you the intimacy only a private yacht like catamaran charter Neverland can provide. Enjoy your sailing vacations on this exclusive charter catamaran.

Yacht tests in Palstek 6/04 and Mehrrumpfboote in Oct./04 prove that Neverland is an outstanding yacht and ideal for private yacht charter. With a length of 20m Neverland is the the biggest catamaran under German flag.

Catamaran Charter Banner with sailing Neverland

Neverland has excellent sailing characteristics. Even in a light breeze, as in this picture she will sail 8 knots and in a strong breeze she never does below 10 knots. Neverlands draft of about 2 1/2 feet allows her to explore shallow waters and areas other catamaran charter yachts cannot discover. And with her 4 anchors with 2 anchor winches and the 13 mm chains and heavy ropes she is able to anchor even in deep waters and is independent from marinas. She is an ideal yacht for private yacht charters.