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NEVERLAND - 20m catamaran charter with 8 guests

Catamaran Charter Neverland is certified for worldwide charter with up to 10 persons. Having 7 separate cabins however, gives you the intimacy only private yacht charters like Neverland can provide.

Layout map of catamaran Neverland
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catamaran charter cabins


Owners cabin
is your cabin

Spacious room with 1,80 m wide bed
2 comfortable leather reclining seats
Separate room for children with 2 beds next door
Own entrance to the cockpit
2 Double cabin starboard Private entrance to the cockpit.
Door to the bathroom.
1,40 m wide bed.
3 Double cabin portside Private entrance to the cockpit.
Door to the bathroom.
1,40 m wide bed.
4 Single cabin portside Entrance from deck. 1,10 m bed.
(if mate or chef on board, this is his cabin).
5 Single cabin starboard
as 4
6 Main cabin

panoramic view
Dining table for 10, chart room.

7 Kitchen Fully equipped, designed by a pro.
8 Bathrooms Toilet, wash basin, shower.
9 Bathrooms Toilet, wash basin, shower.
10,11 Engine room Completely separate from cabins, so no fuel smell.
12 Cockpit 17 m2 spacious cockpit with double steering and central winches.

Catamaran charter Neverland is designed for worldwide cruising with up to 10 persons. In 2005 Neverland offers private yacht charters in the Pacific. Enjoy your sailing vacations on this outstanding yacht.

Neverland owners cabin - double bed

The owners cabin with 1,80m wide double bed and panoramic view

Catamaran Neverland owners cabin with 2 reclining seats

The owners cabin with the 2 reclining seats

main cabin

Neverland main cabin with panoramic view and a dining table for 10 with a complete chart room. This cabin is the social meeting place on board of Neverland.

kitchen vacation on neverland - kitchen

Neverlands pantry is designed by a pro and fully equipped to serve a crew of 10.


A huge cockpit with 17 m2 space, private yacht charters with a dining table for 8 and with 5 deck chairs.


Steering position with good overview and with all the navigation instruments