Catamaran Yacht Charter - Pacific Ocean - Tuvalu


With 11 000 inhabitants Tuvalu is one of the worlds smallest independent nations. This group of 9 atolls total only 25 square km in land but 1,3 Mio sq km incl. water area with an extension of 500 Miles from North to South. Only a few hundred visitors see Tuvalo in a year and nearly all of them go to the main island of Vunafuti. The outer islands see nearly no visitors at all and are perhaps the most isolated islands in the Pacific. The islands are very idyllic and time seems to stand still. 5 islands of Tuvalu are real atolls with many islets and a central lagoon while 4 islands are single table-reef islands. In total Tuvalu consists out of 129 small islets. Only Nukufetau and Funafuti have deep passes so that ships can enter.


Tuvalu has a warm and pleasant climate year round. The temperatures are in the high 20th. There is nearly every second day a heavy rain shower followed by sunny skies and most of the times there is a constant easterly trade wind. Tuvalu is still in the hurricane zone and between November and March there can be strong westerly wind. The water temperature in the logons is in the high 20th degree C.


The people are Polynesians and they live in traditional style houses. All 9 islands are inhabited and have mostly 2 small villages each. People live in the traditional style and speak an own language, which is similar to that of the neighbouring islands of Tokelau and Wallis and Futuna.


Public and private life is regulated by a complex set of customs, courtesies and political hierarchies. As a visitor you have to be prepared with this system to have an enjoyable stay. Tuvaluans are very respectful and friendly to visitors. But sometimes you are questioning what you see if you do not know some basic rules of the culture. Dancing and singing in their traditional way is very popular on the islands.

Flight connections

Twice a week from the Fiji Islands

Sailing in the Tuvalu Islands

Only 2 islands have a pass leading into the lagoon, Nukufetau and Nanamea. Visiting the outer islands one has to anchor in lee of the fringing reef. All type of provisioning is very poor.

Sailing with Neverland in the Tuvalu Islands

Neverland will sail between the Tuvalu Islands in October 2005 on her round the world sailing cruise. She will stay there for several weeks and will be available for charter during that time. On your cruise with Neverland through the Tuvalu Islands you can

A special attraction will be the experience of the traditional life of the Tuvaluans.

Make your reservation for two weeks cruise and give us some information about your plans and your group and we will plan the best vacation possible for you in this area of the Pacific.


The lagoon is 15 x 10 miles and has 34 islets of which 3 are inhabited. Funafuti is the main island of Tuvalu and Vaiaku is the capital of this small country. About 40 % of the population live on this island. In Vaiaku you can find just 3 small restaurants. Only basic provisioning and fish can be bought.


300 miles north of Funafuti is this northernmost atoll, which has 2, islands about 3 miles apart from each other. The lagoon of Nanumea is considered as one of the most beautiful in the Pacific. About 800 people live here. The lagoon can be entered by a passage.


This atoll is about 60 miles north of Funafuti. It has a safe lagoon, which offers some protection in westerly wind. About 800 people live on this atoll, which has in total 37 small islets.