Tuamotu Islands

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With 78 atolls in an ocean area of 400 miles wide and 800 miles long the Tuamotus are the largest group of atolls in the world. 31 atolls have a passage to the lagoon and 48 islands are inhabited. The Tuamotos belong to French-Polynesia and have 15 000 people. Beside the main island of Rarotonga there is not much tourism Especially the more eastern and southern islands are not much visited. The Tuamotus are very flat islands and not more than 15 meters above sea level which means that the visual range is not more than 10 miles for an approaching yacht.


The average temperature is 26C, between November and April a little bit higher and
For the other period somewhat less. The trade winds blow from NE between Januar and April, SE from Mai to August and E from Sept. to December. The Tuamotos are on the edge of the hurricane belt and therefore hurricanes are relatively rare. In an El Nino year the chance of a hurricane is more realistic.


Pearl farming is the main business today. Hundreds of pearl farms operate today in these lagoons and produce the typical south sea black pearl.

Life in the Tuamotus

Life has changed very much over the last 20 years because of the upcoming pearl farming industry and instead of sailing canoes you will find speed boats with strong outboard engines in the lagoons. But there are still some very remote islands to be visited.

Sailing in the Tuamotus

With so many atolls which are accessible for a yacht the Tuamotus are a fantastic sailing area. Many blue water sailors report that sailing in the Tuamotus was one of their highlights in their circumnavigation. But there is not much provisioning available and no repair facilities.

Sailing with Neverland between the Tuamotus Islands

Neverland will sail in for charter in French Polynesia from July to September 2005. In a 2 weeks cruise Neverland is ready to go for the Tuamotus, to Rangiroa and some of the neighbouring islands. On your cruise with Neverland through the Tuamotos Islands you can

Make your reservation for two weeks cruise and give us some information about your plans and your group and we will plan the best vacation possible for you in this area of the Pacific.


One of the biggest atolls in the world with a lagoon 46 miles by 15 miles with over 200 islets. Due to a lot of water exchange through the passes water is very clean. Snorkelling and scuba diving are perhaps one of the best in the South Pacific and a lot of fish can be watched. Rangiroa has nearly 3000 peple living on the 2 island Avatoru and Tiputa. Rangiroa is an ideal place for drift dives if you are an advanced diver. You would see schools of sharks and eagle rays.


13 hours of sailing in NE direction from Rangiroa lays Manihi the centre of the South Sea pearl farming. The lagoon is 5 by 20 miles and has 60 commercial pearl farms. 100o people live here from the pearls business. Scuba diving and snorkelling is wonderful, there is a professional diving centre. Manihi is famous for drift dives through the pass. You will see reef sharks and manta rays and late June or early July thousands of groupers gather here to breed. This is a fantastic event to watch.


This island is a favourite island to visit for a yacht. The big lagoon with 37 times 15 miles has a very large pass. There are several black pearl farms to visit and the 250 people village of Rotoava is very charming. Snorkelling and scuba diving is fantastic. The purple water gives you a 150 and more visibility.