Catamaran Yacht Charter - Pacific Ocean - Tokelau


Tokelau is situated 500 km north of Samoa and is a dependent territory of New Zealand. This group of islands consists of three small low coral atolls: Fakaofo, Atafu and Nukunono. The three atolls have small motus, which enclose a broad lagoon. The land is flat and no more than 5 meters above sea level. The total land area is 12 sq km, if we include the lagoon 165 sq km but the overall sea territory is 290 000 sq km.


With an average of 28° C and only a little variation Tokelau lies in the tropical zone with irregular but heavy rainfalls. This group of islands lie on the northern edge of the hurricane belt and hurricanes are very seldom. But some tropical storms can occur between November and February.


Tokelau is one of the least visited countries in the South Pacific. There is no tourism in this country. Only a few yachts make their way to this isolated group of islands.


About 1500 people live in Tokelau. They are New Zealand citizens. They speak Tokelan, but children learn English at school today. The people live on the west side of the atoll in lee of the trade wind. Breadfruit, taro, bananas, papayas and coconut grow on the sand. But canned food is gaining importance. And electric power is available. The values have begun to change and with that also the customs.


Life is very relaxed in this country. You will not find hotels, restaurants, bars but plenty of sand, sun, coconuts and happy friendly people. The authority comes with the age and the women control the family resources. The families own the land. The people tend to invite you into their village life. You will be invited to line fishing, net controlling and to accompany them on Sunday to church.


Tokelau gets financial support from New Zealand. This amounts to about 90 % of the total income. There is no industry and tourism does not really exist. Other income is potage stamps, fishing licence fees and some government jobs.


There is no regular flight connection to Tokelau. The only way is by ship from Samoa once a month and it takes two days for the trip.

Activities in Tokelau

There are not much more activities you can do beside water sports and enjoying the village life on a remote atoll.

Sailing in Tokelau

It can be a highlight to visit one of the most isolated communities in the Pacific. But there are no facilities for yachts and crew. So sailing in the islands of Tokelau will mean to start from Samoa and sail in a 2 days trip to the Tokelau islands.

Sailing with Neverland in Tokelau

It is not sure if Neverland will sail to the Tokelau Islands and if so than it will be a cruise starting and ending from Samoa.


You can walk in a day around this small atoll, which has only 17 sq km. Atafu is the most traditional island of the Tokelau group. The pass is too small for a yacht, so one has to anchor outside the reef.


This atoll is 100 sq km big and has about 20 motus. The pass is here also too shallow to enter for a yacht.


80 % of the population of Tokelau live on this atoll in two villages.