Catamaran Yacht Charter - Pacific Ocean - Niue

Niue is one of the world’s smallest self-governing states, but one of the largest blocks of coral. The island has 260 sq km of land and inhabits 2000 people. Sailing from the Cook islands to Tonga a yacht will pass Niue 200 miles before arriving Tonga, so why not to stop for a day or two.

A yacht anchors on the west coast in front of the capital of Alofi, but the anchor grounds are not very good and there can be some swell and of the wind changes to west you get easily in a difficult position. Nowadays there are 16 mooring buoys in from of Alofi. Provisions and repair facilities are really not existent.

The language is Niuan a Polynesian language but English is well understood. If you stop on your direct route from the Cooks to Tonga on Niue for a day or two what does the island offer? There are some fascinating walks at low tide on the reefs south west of Alofi and there are some huge caves to be explored. The east coast has some of the most fantastic limestones features in the Pacific and on the South East coast there is an unmarked trail to Tonga Chasm one of the scenic wonders of the Pacific. All in all Niue is a fantastic island for hiking and to explore caves and natural pools and you can hardly believe it, there is even a golf course on this small island.