Catamaran Yacht Charter - Pacific Ocean - Marquesas


After about 20 days of hopefully trade wind sailing Neverland will arrive on the Marquesas Archipelago. This group of 10 islands from which only 6 are inhabited form an area of 150 times 100 miles. The Marquesas are not a tourist destination
Because of its remoteness it has no tourist infrastructure. The price level is very high because nearly everything has to be imported. But with a yacht like Neverland there is no need to abstain from luxury and comfort.
The landscape of the Marquesas is one of the most impressive islands with steep cliffs, many waterfalls and narrow and fertile river valleys.

Sailing in the Marquesas

The Marquesas do not have fringing reefs that protect the coast but the deep bays give enough shelter and form very beautiful anchorage bays. There is sometimes some swell on the anchorage places but with the beam and length of Neverland and her modest draught she will always find a safe and quite place.


The climate is tropical hot and dry. The Southern islands are more humid and green the northern islands dry and brown. A hurricane very seldom touches the Mauquesas.

Sailing with Neverland in the Marquesas

Neverland will sail in the archipelago of the Marquesas Islands in Mai/June 2005 and will stay between these islands for about 6 weeks. Neverland can be chartered during this time. A round cruise seeing most of the islands will take 2 weeks. You will see Hiva Oa, Hua Pou,Niku Hiva, Ua Huka and Tahuata. The Marquesas are ideal for biking, hiking, deep sea fishing and diving and to enjoy a remote island live. We can arrange scuba diving and hiking tours for you and you have the chance to see one of the most remote groups of islands in the world.

Nuku Hiva

With 2400 people on 340 sq km of land Nuku Hiva is the largest and most populous island. Taiohae the main capital with 1700 people lies on the South coast and offers excellent anchorage. The bay is a flooded volcanic crater and offers a magnificent view. Most yachts anchor in the Taiohae Bay. This is a gathering place for passing yachts.

The only problem here is the nonos, which are small sand flies. But if we anchor some hundred yards away from land and if we avoid the twilight hours we should be ok. Professional scuba diving schools are here and we can arrange diving tours with local guides to see underwater caves, hammerhead sharks and small orcas. And there are some fine walks and good riding to be enjoyed on Nuku Hiva.

Ua Pou

22 miles south of Huku Hiva with a sailing distance of 3 hours we can reach the anchor bays of the east coast or to Hakahau to the main village to find a place behind the breakwater wall. The island is 8 times 6 miles wide and has a population of 2000 people. This island is perhaps the most dramatic with fantastic tall rock spires reaching up into the sky.

Ua Huka

This 83 sp km island is 20 miles east of Nuku Hiva and has 600 inhabitants. They live in a truncated crater. Ua Huku is most likely the oldest living place in Tahiti-Polynesia. Pottery fragments were found and date 300 A.D. Many local earn some income with woodcarving.

Hiva Oa

100 miles SE of Nuka Hiva is the second biggest island with 2000 people. This is the island where Gauguin lived and in Puama ´u lives some descendants from him. The best place to anchor is behind the breakwater wall of Tahauku in the Traitors Bay a flooded crater.

Fatu Hiva

Fatu Hiva is the most southern and most remote island of the Marquesas with 700 inhabitants who live in the 2 villages of Omoa and Hanaoare. A walk from one village to the other will take 5 hours and offers a breath taking scenery. Here is also the best anchor place of Fatu Hiva.