American Samoa

Catamaran Yacht Charter - Pacific Ocean - American Samoa


Despite the short distance to Samoa (Western Samoa) American Samoa is quite different. It is a US territory with 50 000 people and Tutuila as the main island with the capital Pago Pago where more than 90 %of the population live. The fjord like harbour of Pago Pago which is a submerged crater is an ideal hurricane hole but is dying biologically as a result of the polluting fishing industry.


American Samoa is an area with heavy rainfalls. The climate is tropical with a cyclone season from December to March with hotter and wetter weather. The winds will vary from west to north in this rainy season. During the hurricane season the rainfall can be heavy and they feed some very spectacular waterfalls and support the lush vegetation. During the steady southeast trade winds from April to November the weather is more pleasant. In general long periods of sun are coming during the total year.


Main languages are English and Samoan. Despite the fact that the people have the same origin as in Samoa people are quite different here. They are americanised and they live mainly from the subsidies of the US mainland. And this has an impact on the way of living on these islands.


The main economic activity is tuna fishing and canning for US, Korean and Japanese fishing fleets. It is the world’s largest tuna producer. Beside this industry the government is important for the economic wealth. They employ 2/3 of the total workforce. The government of American Samoa receives US $ 72 annually in subsidies and grants from the US mainland.


Air connection from Pago Pago International airport to Hawaii and Los Angeles and other US cities is good.

Sailing with Neverland

American Samoa is an ideal place in Polynesia for provisioning and crew change and for ordering marine supply from the US mainland. Neverland will stop here for a few days to get new provisions from the many US Supermarkets. But she will not sail around these islands.